Monday, April 13, 2015

Asylum: Reality or overdone movies?

As I followed this woman through the halls, I passed by white rooms lining the walls.

The asylum was just as I had dreamt. Well, maybe not exactly the same. Reality seems cheerier or at least less horror movie-esk.

As we turn more and more corners I begin to remember the first full day I had access to Lexi's file...

It was warm and sunny. I went for a stroll through the town and ventured into an area that I had never been before with a strawberry popsicle in hand.

There was a park with green grass and trees in which I preceded to head towards and bench to sit down  but then thought better of it a plopped down in the grass.

Lying down on my stomach, I kick my feet up in the air and rest my chin on my hands.

I peel open the file for the thirtieth time since last night it was probably read at least 12 times.

Fingering through the familiar papers I pull out the notes from one doctor who was listing options of treatment. Some I was familiar with, but others sounded like medieval torture.

After about half an hour, I flipped onto my back closed my eyes, enjoying the warmth of the sun on my face and quickly dosed off, hugging the file close to my chest.

I imagined myself as a patient in the asylum screaming and kicking away from all the torture devices. This only made the doctors attempt to "cure me" even further.

I knew that if I gave in and was restrained I would never be freed again.

It was not as if I was crazy, but if I remained calm, they would torture me to insanity. Faking insanity was better than actually going insane.

Insanity is the only escape.

I woke up on the grass rolling around with the file, papers flying everywhere...

That particular dream was all I could think about while winding through the halls of the insane asylum.

There were an abnormally large amount of elderly people roaming the halls, which was a surprise to me.

Accidentally bumping into one elderly lady caused me to come back to reality from my terrifying memory of my dream filled with weird Frankenstein-like torture objects.

While apologizing to the elderly women, a not so elderly women ran right through us with an irritated look.

She grunted in what I would like to interpret as a surly apology.

I looked ahead of me in just enough time to see the woman at the counter go around another white wall and I raced to catch up with her...

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