Sunday, February 22, 2015

Not The End.

Today is the day.

I finally get to go visit my lost sister.

I've been investigating her existence ever since my parents told me of her. She has moved around from asylum to asylum mainly where ever our family has been.

After I located her on the inter-webs, I searched in greater depth in the country records for each city my family had moved to over the years.

She was described as quite and normal, but lacked social skills and the ability to comprehend any form of language.

I wanted to meet her and I knew for a fact that she was only a few blocks away.

I grabbed my bag and attempted to walk out of my apartment calmly. I practically raced down the stairs and out the door.

I still couldn't believe today was the day.

After walking past the retirement home and the children's home I saw the asylum creepily looming over me. Pausing for a second and taking a deep breath, I walked inside.

There was no line at the front desk. A cranky lady asked me my purpose and I explained to her that I was here to meet my sister for the first time.

"Her name is Lexi. Lexi Star."

The woman walked away and I heard her flip through some filing cabinets. I noticed a name plate on her desk. It read "Gretchen Villous".

Gretchen Villous came out from the cabinets and set a large stack of files down in front of me. She informed me that I could have the files for a three days and then I needed to return them.

I didn't understand why I needed the files, though I was mildly curious to see what other information they contained about Lexi.

I asked her what room I could find Lexi in. That is when the lady began to look somber.

She said " you're not allowed to meet with Lexi today"

I asked why but she just mumbled and walked away.

I was tempted to go on an adventure in the insane asylum and locate my sister. The only problem was... I didn't know what she looked like.

I settled for the papers. I would read them through and through. Memorize every section and know as much as I could about my little sister.

But this was not the end. I would return.

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