Sunday, February 1, 2015

An Innocent Fire

I could smell the fires before I saw them.

 The dirt swirled through the air as I stepped out of the Dreamwood lobby. I began walking towards the fountain in the middle of the street.

There was a fire, but many people were huddled around it, so I continued walking. I walked around for a solid thirty minutes ambling about the streets.

 Finally, I noticed a fire that stood by itself. I walked over and sat next to it watching the smoke blow away, up into the night sky.

 I slowly began to drift off into a haze of thought... though the fire did have a strange smell...similar to when they found drugs in the chemistry room at my high school. But who would put weed in a fire?

Well, I felt pretty good...make that really good, so there must not be a problem. As I sat on the cold ground, I pondered how to contact my "new" sibling.

I began thinking about the yellow pages and government records, but after a little while my thoughts became slightly more hmmmm adventurous. If I was related to this person, we had a special bond right? Which totally meant we could read each other's mind. I knew exactly the way to contact my long lost sibling. I would send him/her a spiritual dance.

They would see it in their dreams and understand. I stood up feeling rather cold. I began slowly to move my arms around. I heard drums playing and begun to see colors swirling through the air.

 I began to dance to the beat sending the message to my sibling that I was here and that they could come find me. The flames began to rise and as I went around and around the fire I felt cold each time I danced through a certain patch of air.

To fix this problem, I decided just to leap over the air. I could see the blue coming from its coldness.

 I stopped dancing after a while and looked up at the sky. Then I began to feel tiredness spreading all over my body until I was barley standing up.

 A woman came up to me a said something about a child I would find.

It must have been my spirit god telling me that my message had beed sent to my sibling.

This is a good sign.

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