Monday, January 26, 2015

Something missing? -apartment 315

I woke up to a massive headache.

I knew the city could kick your butt, but I didn't really know how bad. Last night was a blur. I remember getting on a bus, dressed to the nines, ready to go and hit the clubs. I remember standing on line for a little while and then finally walking into a large room filled with people.

 After being offered a jello-shot, I only can recall a blur of colors. As I begin to rise from my bed, I feel the remanence of last night's quality decisions sloshing around in my stomach, threatening to be let loose.

 I walk out into the kitchen and see that the front door is slightly ajar. My heels and my bag are scattered next to the table near the door. Jackie's dog bowl is flipped upside down in the middle of the room as well, signaling to me that she is hungry.

Then, at that second, the apartment and Jackie did not matter anymore. I felt my stomach charring, ready to remind me of my "night to remember".

I grabbed my crappy waste basket and lie down on my bed, hoping that the sickness would subside. After about a half an hour, I fell into a sleep induced coma. I dreamt that I had already become a doctor and that Jackie had a personal dog feeder.

I imagined that I grew up with several brothers and sisters and that my parents hadn't informed me of the existence of a sibling until a few weeks ago. It was a blissful dream.

 Eventually I was re-awoken by my growling stomach. As I went to the fridge to get substance, I remembered Jackie. The poor girl must be hungry.

 I went to scoop her a bowl of food, but she didn't come running immediately. Normally just the sound of me walking around makes her hyper and bouncing off the walls of the apartment.

I began calling her name...she wasn't anywhere to be found. Okay, calm down. Jackie is not Mitzy. It will be okay. she did not run off, and there isn't that much traffic here around Dreamwood to pass through...I ran down the stairs screaming her name out. "Jackie!!!!!!"

 I knew I could get kicked out if someone figured out what I was really calling for but I did not care.

This would not happen again.

I ran out the lobby's front doors and was looking around frantically. I smelled meat cooking. If I were a dog, that is where I would go.

I ran down the street to the nearest restaurant. I came barreling through the door and asked of they had seen a mid-size dog running around.

 A women cam out of the kitchen right as I entered. She smiled at me and motioned for me to follow her. As I scrambled through the tables and chairs, all I could think about was that this better be Jackie, and she better be alive...